Geometric art



The sixth graders have been working on geometrical art. Firstly, they do a geometric black and white tile. When we had all the tiles, we put it together to create a two-dimensional mosaic. Finally, we built a three-dimensional sculptures starting out of the shapes like squares, triangles and pentagons.

The blue Earth, for whom?

We have participated in The International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest. The theme is “The blue Earth, for whom?”. Our drawings show the Earth’s inhabitants as insects, plants or microbes too small to be seen with the naked eye. We have sent a lot of drawings to Tokyo!


Mireu quins dibuixos han fet els nostres alumnes d’EP al llarg dels diferents Cicles i que han estat premiats fa poc al concurs que va organitzat l’Ajuntament sobre Dibuix i Fotografia. Enhorabona a tots els alumnes que han participat i als que han estat escollits guanyadors.



The 6th graders have worked the portraits about celebrities by Andy Warhol. They saw the work of Warhol and inspired by the pop artist they chose the photography of their favourite stars. Then they draw and paint their own famous portrait with a touch of pop.