SCIENCE- A Joyful Video Call Adventure: Exploring the World with and Pol


Hello, everyone!

Today in our Science class we have an exciting story to share about an extraordinary video call experience.

The 6th graders had the amazing opportunity to connect with and Pol in Armenia, only 4 km from the Iranian border, two adventurous travellers currently biking all the way from Catalonia to China. We’ve been following their incredible journey, and finally, the day came when we could ask them questions and hear their delightful stories. Let’s jump into this exciting virtual adventure together!

During the video call, and Pol’s friendly faces appeared on our screen, instantly captivating us with their enthusiasm for exploration. Although we couldn’t see the landscapes behind them, we knew they had journeyed through remarkable places.

They took us on a virtual tour, sharing captivating tales of their adventures. We learned about the unique customs and experiences they encountered in the countries they visited.

The most exciting part was the Q&A session. We eagerly asked our questions, and and Pol graciously answered them all. They shared fascinating insights, including their encounters with local customs and the challenges they faced along the way. We were inspired by their first-hand stories, gaining a deeper understanding of the world beyond our classrooms.

As the video call came to an end, we felt grateful and excited. and Pol had shared their extraordinary journey with us, igniting our wanderlust and curiosity. We realized that the world is vast and full of opportunities for exploration and appreciation.

Thank you and Pol!



Discovering Nature’s Inhabitants: Our School’s Bughotel Project


We’re thrilled to announce that a group of 6th graders recently built in Science a bughotel and hung it up in front of the vegetable gardens of K3, K4 and K5 at our school. They also took the time to explain the concept to their younger peers in K3, K4, and K5. The bughotel was designed to attract a variety of insects, larvae, and caterpillars, and we’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of these new hosts.

The students put a lot of thought and effort into creating this bughotel, and their enthusiasm for learning about nature and its diverse inhabitants is truly inspiring. We believe that hands-on learning experiences like this can help students develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world around them.

We’re excited to see what kinds of creatures will call our bughotel home and look forward to observing and learning from them. Stay tuned for updates on the exciting new guests of our bughotel!