Science & Carnival

During  Carnival Week we made animal masks in Science and decorated them beautifully. We then reported where our animals live, in which ecosystem, habitat and what they eat. Have a look at these great masks.


Avui, dia dimarts 19 de novembre, els alumnes de 2ESO, han vingut a fer unes activitats, amb els alumnes de 6EP. Consistia a fer circuits elèctrics, amb els elements com per exemple: una pila, una placa solar, cables, pinces, un interruptor, una bombeta i un motor, és a dir, un ventilador. Aquesta activitat s’ha produït a l’Espai Vitruvi. Allà els alumnes de 6EP, els han ajuntat per tal que quedessin grups de tres. I els de 2ESO, s’han ajuntat amb els de 6EP i els hi ha explicat una o dues persones.

Hi ha agut tres activitats com ara: muntar un circuit elèctric, per tal que es generés la llum d’una bombeta; la segona ha estat armar un altre circuit intentant que encengués una  bombeta però amb un interruptor; i per últim, fer funcionar el ventilador utilitzant una placa solar que hem fet funcionar amb
el sol.

Guida B i Laia P

percussion for polar bears- why not?

This videoclip is part of our this year’s Project Polar Bear.

Recycling and percussion for polar bears- why not?

Some months ago we invited a cool percussion team of Corbera de Llobregat, called Mais ki Samba and they performed in front of us.

Then in our music class with Genis we made our own instruments out of recycled material and we really had a lot of fun playing them.

Have a look at the fabulous outcome!

Thanks Mais ki Samba for coming to school!


The 1st grade classes have been studying penguins and learning different facts about them. We’ve learned where they live, their different body parts, and the food they eat. Today, we learned how they keep warm in cold climates. Each student placed their hands in two bags: one empty and one filled with lard. They submerged them in cold water and got first hand experience on how lard can keep them warm in the cold!


Recently, the 2nd A and B classes had the chance to complete a hands on experiment to discover the different properties of materials they have learned in class. We discovered which materials are strong, waterproof, transparent, and flexible. Take a look at the pictures below to see how we did this experiment!


We can discover lots of things through our senses. This is what 3rd grade students have been doing the past few weeks! We have been smelling, watching, tasting, hearing and finally touching different elements. We had a great time and we learnt that our senses are connected to our brain! Here you can see some pictures about the ‘touch’ practise. Enjoy!


During this term, 2nd grade students have been studying the plants. Therefore, last week they started an activity related to school trees. With the help of different leaf shapes, they had to discover the trees that were hiding behind them. So they became botanists for an hour and investigated the leaves of the trees scattered all around the playground. Then, the students sat around the olive tree and drew its trunk, branches, fruits and leaves. They did a great job!


1st Grade students have been very busy in Science exploring the world around them, focusing on plants. They have learnt about different types of flowers, such as lilies, daisies, roses and sunflowers. Last Friday, they used glitter EVA foam to make a flower. These flowers will look great in flowerpots!


Our 6th grade students have been working on a very special project about the European Union. They were divided into groups and each of them had to find some information about the EU countries and Institutions. Our aim for them was to enjoy the process and improve their knowledge about the EU. The result has been great!