Heart beats & GA classes

In a captivating visit to our 4th primary classes, Núria Fabregat, a student from Bachillerato, took the time to unravel the mysteries of the human heart. Armed with enthusiasm and stethoscopes, she engaged the students in a unique and hands-on experience, allowing them to listen to the rhythmic beats of their own hearts.

Nuria not only explained the intricate workings of the heart but also brought along two fascinating models to make the learning experience even more vivid. The first model, a meticulously crafted 3D representation of the heart, provided a tangible glimpse into its structure and function. Students were able to explore the complexities of this vital organ with a newfound understanding.

The second model was equally intriguing, featuring two pots, water pumps, and cables. Through this interactive display, Nuria ingeniously demonstrated the mechanics of the cardiovascular system, making the concept of blood circulation tangible and accessible to young minds.

Thank you Núria!

explaining the heart
explaining the heart

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